The territory that includes the 315 municipalities that make up the Province of Turin is a perfect mosaic rich in natural beauty, thousand year-old traditions, places of historical and architectural interest and a wide range of traditional local foods and gastronomic excellences.

To create an ever-more tourist-friendly environment in its art towns and mountain and hill villages, Province of Turin is working to rediscover and promote their touristic appeal and their wholesome products. The result is the “Paniere (or Basket) of typical products of the Province of Turin”, an umbrella mark which protects and guarantees the origins of the region’s typical food products. They are “typical” because they are produced according to well-documented traditional production processes that use only prime local raw materials. As well as the Province’s DOC, Controlled Origin Denominated wines, the “Paniere” network currently includes 32 products, around 900 producers, 30 shops and 60 restaurants taking part in promotional initiatives.