Recapped Tires RAL-UZ 1

1 Preliminary Remarks:

In cooperation with the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the Federal Environmental Agency and considering the results of the expert hearings conducted by RAL, the Environmental Label Jury has set up these Basic Criteria for the Award of the Environmental Label.
RAL, reg. assoc., has been entrusted with the award of the Environmental Label.
Upon application to RAL and on the basis of a Contract on the Use of the Environmental Label to be concluded with RAL the permission to use the Environmental Label may be granted for all products, provided that they comply with the requirements as specified hereinafter.

Recapping provides for an expedient reutilization of worn tires. Recapping can be done with just one third of the amount of crude oil usually needed for the production of new tires. This helps not only to reduce waste but also to save scarce raw materials.

2 Scope
These Basic Criteria apply to all sorts of "recapped tires".

3 Requirements
The Environmental Label shown on page 1 may be used for the marking of tires under paragraph 2 which have been recapped in accordance with ECE Regulations No.108 and No.109 „Einheitliche Bedingungen für die Genehmigung der Herstellung runderneuerter Luftreifen für Kraftfahrzeuge/Nutzfahrzeuge und ihre Anhänger“ (Uniform Approval Conditions for the Manufacture of Recapped Pneumatic Tires for Motor Vehicles/Commercial Vehicles and their trailers) (TRANS/WP.29/594/595) and bear the corresponding approval mark according to the ECE Regulation.

4 Compliance Verifications
The applicant shall prove compliance with the requirements pursuant to paragraph 3 by means of the corresponding certificate prepared by a competent testing institute as well as the approval number for recapped tires.

5 Applicants and the Parties Involved

Manufacturers of recapped tires shall be eligible for application.

The following parties are involved in the award procedure: RAL, Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency) and the Federal State where the production plant is located that manufactures the products to be marked with the Environmental Label.

6 Use of the Environmental Label

The terms governing applicant's use of the Environmental Label shown on page 1 are stipulated by a Contract on the Use of the Environmental Label to be concluded with RAL.

Within the scope of such contract the applicant undertakes to comply with the requirements under para.3 as long as he makes use of the Environmental Label.

For the marking of products according to para.2 above Contracts on the Use of the Environmental Label are concluded.
These contracts shall run until December 31, 2003. They shall be extended by periods of one year each, unless the contract is terminated in writing by March 31, 2003 or by March 31 of the respective year of extension.
After the expiry of the contract the Environmental Label may neither be used for labelling nor for advertising purposes. This regulation shall not affect the products being still in the market.

The applicant (manufacturer) shall be entitled to apply to RAL for an extension of the right to use the label to the product entitled to the label if it is to be marketed under another brand/trade name and/or under other marketing organizations.

The Contract on the Use of the Environmental Label shall give the following particulars:

Applicant (manufacturer)

Brand/trade name and product designation

Distributor (label user), i.e. the marketing organization pursuant to para. 6.4.

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