Eco e Narciso

Cultura Materiale / Design

Provincia di Torino Pcc


“Eco e Narciso. Cultura Materiale / Design” curated by Rebecca De Marchi and Stefano Mirti (Id-Lab) is in the activities schedule of “Torino World Design Capital”, and will involve the contribution of ten designers and six schools of design in Italy and abroad which from November 2007 to summer 2008 will be working with six ecomuseums of the Province of Turin on six characteristic materials of the industrial activities of the community: water, clay, cotton, felt, stone, talcum.
The revising of “Eco e Narciso” on territorial themes, which has arrived at its 5th edition, gives to design a further opportunity to comply with material culture areas, in order to lead it, in 2008, to the production of new objects or design solutions, realized with a selection of ecomuseums characterized by industrial production connected to the characteristic material of its area. This process is going to enable the raising of the culture of design on the material culture in each specific contest. In this way we will arrive in 2008, the year in which Turin will be the World Capital of Design, to show excellent and innovative products specially realized by productive and cultural entities of the area. Raw materials, products, making knowledge will design a new geography of the landscape of the Province of Turin which from the dialog between material culture and an up-to-date creativity on the contemporary research would be able to imagine answers of sustainable development.

In this process it is possible to analyze and increase the value of spontaneous aspects of design and of those aspects linked to the history of design developed on a local level through times. In the past the accordance with necessities connected to everyday life or given by the productions in “close” geography areas has triggered off a learned cycle from the needs and the functions analysis, to the definition of the requirements as well as the evaluations of resources and services; this process has lead to raw materials treatment available in the site that husbands listening capacity, observation, making, working care, optimization of the use of time, reaching spontaneous answers (not schooled) of design. Observations that go from the tools to the landscape. Looking for the attitude and the awareness to find an answer for a better care on current works.

In November the designers, which work as a teacher in several European universities and design schools too, visited the ecomuseums of Balme (water), Cambiano (clay), Prali (talcum), Rorà (stone), Villar Pellice (felt), in order to work during 2007/2008 with their students on these materials to re-interpret them. In spring designers and students, through a stay in the provincial area, developed by means of a workshop their projects with the ecomuseums which have been showed during two appointments in Turin, April 2008. Thus the meetings have been the occasion to talk and make comparison on the different experiences about design. In July 2008 a touring opening and a dj set mark the start of the exhibition that showed the projects and prototypes in the six ecomuseums.