Eco e Narciso

Laboratorio Artistico Permanente

Provincia di Torino Pcc


“Eco e Narciso. Cultura Materiale/Musica”, curated by Daniela Cascella and Rebecca De Marchi, will involve the contribution of eight internationally acclaimed experimental musicians and sound artists, who have been commissioned five site-specific sound installations – one for each location selected among the ecomuseum network of the Provincia di Torino.

Why was sound chosen as the artistic subject which will be featured in the 2006 edition of Eco e Narciso? Without any doubts, sound as a means of strong and independent expression has been gaining the attention of museums and institutions during the end of the last millennium. Experimentation with sound (and its combination with the visual and performance arts) has been around for a long time and therefore has a very long history and heritage: however, only recently has this history started to emerge and sound has gained the right, along with all the other artistic languages, to conquer a space outside the traditional “boundaries” where music is performed and listened to. Sound has set off to conquer everyday-life spaces, museums, exhibitions.

The artists taking part in the Eco e Narciso project don’t use sound as a linear medium (i.e developing along a well-defined time span): they rather employ it to give birth to places and atmospheres, to enhance the charm of a location, to underline its hidden contrasts, as an exquisitely plastic means of creating “audio-landscapes”.
This is the reason why the musicians involved have been asked to use solely sound to create their installations, without resorting to no other artistic languages: the curators’ aim is to give as much space as possible to a means of expression that, notwithstanding its immateriality and elusiveness, has the ability to capture the attention in a profound and subtle manner. It does so often venturing into new ground as regards common perception, but this is ultimately the hidden challenge in the project: to attain a new kind of participation in the public and, through the employment of sounds throughout the ecomuseums – sounds that are strictly connected to the places themselves – try to trigger new interest in these locations, showing them under a different light, and uncovering their often-concealed features. The project intends to address the local public as much as the international one, by commissioning a number of challenging new site–specific works from the musicians.

The project is divided into three phases. A preliminary study phase, thus organized: Sojourn on location of the musicians, who will thus enter in contact with the local life during a period of about five days and will be recording sounds in the area of assignment – sounds which will be subsequently reworked into the installations, and Meet & greet / presentation in Turin where the landmarks of each musician’s work will be relived through a series of guided listening sessions and a talk with the curators. Installation of the musicians’ work in the ecomuseums and official opening ceremony; the artists will develop site-specific sound installations that is placed in the various locations; the opening ceremonies was on July 14th,15th and 16th 2006 and the installations remain open to the public till 24th September 2006.A CD ECO E NARCISO. PRESENZE SONORE contain the excerpts from the audio tracks of each installation and it is possible buy on-line.